Sunflowers and a Spine.


Last night Sean and I went for an “after work cycle”.  We biked 33 miles around some picturesque hilly areas along the shoreline.

Evening ride after work with husband

Name: Track 013
Date: May 24, 2011 4:47 pm
(valid until Nov 20, 2011)
View on Map
Distance: 33.1 miles
Elapsed Time: 2:09:27
Avg Speed: 15.3 mph
Max Speed: 28.5 mph
Avg Pace: 03′ 55″ per mile
Min Altitude: 23 ft
Max Altitude: 193 ft

As we cycled, I thought about this journey.   I have been involved with PeaceJam Northeast for about five years. Initially my role was serving as an advisor for an exceptional group of youth in St. Albans, VT.   Now, I have the joy of working for the organization that I watched change youth lives.. and give youth a voice.   Cycling always provides an opportunity for reflection as well as a “self-check” time with your body and mind. When riding, you must stay focused at all times on the terrain, the environment, and the hundreds of vehicles that whiz past you.  Cycling provides elements of empowerment, awareness, and the need to find your balance with risk.

Such is true when we teach non-violence.  Non-violence is not the absence of “having a spine”, nor does it mean you want to throw sunflowers at everyones feet and sing “KOOMBAYA!!!”.. However, I do love sunflowers.

Rather, everyone can be angry.. It is easy to get ticked off when someone puts their fist in your face, trashes your community park, or hurts you or a family member.. but how can we solve violence with violence? How can we create awareness and change? THAT takes a spine.

The Nobel Peace Laureates that are involved with PeaceJam have encouraged youth and adults from around the world to find their passion within one of ten Global calls to action.

Global Call to Action-1  (Click on Global Call to Action).

I have found my passion within the realm of Investing in Human Security, and our Environment.  We need to be able to support one another and our planet that God has given us.

This evening we will do another cycle ride.  Starting next week, the goal will be do get a century ride in once a week (as long as my body allows it!).  Stay patient with me as I learn this program 🙂  I have not worked with Word Press before and have a lot to learn about the functions!

And so the journey goes on….

With joy,



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