Good Morning!

I need to get caught up so I can do daily blogs on the end of the day rather than blogging on the day after… We will have to see how that plays out.

I will be taking today off from riding and focusing on a light jog and a swim (Sean and I have a tri on our one year anniversary in 17 days!).

I have begun  seeking sponsorship. Predominantly approaching cycling businesses like Trek, Louis Garneau, etc. Each week I will spend about three hours on preparing all of the “behind the scenes” needs for the ride. Thus far, we have a couple folks that will be coming out with us and joining for various legs.   Please let me know if you would like to get involved on some capacity.

With sincerity,



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  1. I do pray that all things work out just fine with the training and that your body will be able to handle more, again … it’s also great to see that you are willing to back down some, as some people may have a hard time doing when they are dealing with things such as this … BIG hugs, sweetie! and, sending love! (and OH yes, WOW on the 1 yr of marriage celebration coming up ‘already’! woooHOO!)

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