111 More days……..


Good Morning!

I have not blogged for a few days. My cycling had to come to a stop for awhile as I had gotten sick.

This weekend was nourishing for our souls. Saturday we were able to get some preparations done for a shoreline clean up and party at our home and work on the lawns.  Sunday we had a few of our neighbors and some new friends from Surfrider to the house.  Our focus was on cleaning up the shoreline.  About 23 of us walked the shore- picked up garbage and hauled out tires, pressure treated wood, and plastic barrels.   Afterwards we returned to the  house and were joined with a few more lovely neighbors and enjoyed fresh grilled clams and great company.

Sean and I woke up early on Monday and drove to Oxford to run a Memorial Day race in the rain, then returned home to enjoy a wonderful long road ride.  The skies had cleared, and it felt good to be back on the bike.   I am so thankful to have my husband be my best friend. It has been such a joy to share the things we love with each other. Sean is a phenomenal cyclist, and has been such an unconditional support to me through many trials. I am happy to be able to train for this ride with him.    With Lupus, my body has flare ups that can last a few hours to a few days. It seems the older I get, the more I am becoming effected. It is a gentle dance between consistently “checking in” with my body and getting as much sleep as possible. I might need to extend the cycling trip in September to 9 days, or shorten some of the routes through the states.   Route/Day change will be determined by late June.

Starting this week, my training schedule will include 80 miles.  I will focus on riding every other day.  We need to be able to complete a few transition days, Hopefully we can accomplish at least one solid practice over the weekend.   After we return from the tri in Florida, I will begin longer rides (50 +) and more sprint practice.

Last week I spoke with one of our new PeaceJam programs in Deerfield, VT.  We will be having a presentation in the community the night we arrive in VT.  I am very excited to meet the PeaceJam youth!  Five nights of the trip will include public talks in Universities and community centers.  It is exciting to see parts of this ride come together.

My sister in law is also joining me for this incredible ride for Peace.  I am so proud of her commitment towards this journey!

Thank you for sharing this experience.

“No one is really working for peace unless he is working primarily for the restoration of wisdom.”

—E. F. Schumacher


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