Stand for Something


I love the expression “Stand for something”.

It is so important to find our passion and learn how to have that passion FUEL us towards action.

In my case, it is cycling.  So why PeaceJam? Why do I work for this organization? Why did I move out of my beloved state of Vermont to Connecticut to work for this non profit?

I work for PeaceJam, because PeaceJam creates passion in youth... and PeaceJam fuels youth to take action. The same philosophy that I use to lead my life is enveloped in the work of this non-profit.  Today we learned that one of our PeaceJam youth from Maine just became Valedictorian of her class! She is not the first. Many youth that participate in PeaceJam become Valedictorians for their service work, not to mention receive incredible scholarships.

Having the opportunity to LEARN from curriculum that are standards based, and implement projects within their communities empowers youth towards becoming more empathetic and dynamic leaders as adults!  Many incredible “Peace” programs exist throughout our world, but few with a dynamic curriculum that offer the opportunity for youth to spend time WITH the laureates that they learn about.

This weekend we attempted a century ride.  As you know, I am “gearing up” for this long journey… As we began cresting a steep hill about 40 miles into our ride, my chain locked, and over I went.  The pain was ridiculous as I landed perfectly on a jagged rock.  My only initial goal was to get unclipped, off the road, and control my bleeding.  As we improvised with some vines, used napkin, and some gatoraid-esque drink to cleanse my knee.. I looked down upon my leg and thought the old cliche “Stand for something”.  We finished the ride, but decided to end short of a century.  Part of inspiration and action, is also taking care of oneself.

Every day that we open our eyes, we start a new journey.  Little did I know we would only complete 71 miles, and I would have a sweet-looking wound to nurse when we got home.  But each journey provides us the opportunity to stand (or cycle) for something.. Something that inspires us.. towards action….

The Nobel Peace Laureates of PeaceJam found what inspired them and they acted until change happened… and then they kept on going because once the motion of inspiration sets into action… cadence kicks in…


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  1. Now that is dedication Colleen! Yuck. I hope you knee is okay b/c we don’t want you to jeopardize your big ride for PeaceJam. It really is so cool and your dedication is amazing!

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