600 miles? Why not!



Well, the route is finished.  The next steps are securing sponsors in each of the states and then venues for the public talks in the evenings.

The ride started at 500 miles.  After much consideration, I thought it best to end in Thorndike, ME.  Thorndike is home to the Mount View High School.  This little high school in rural Maine is home to some amazing PeaceJam students that have literally changed the way their school functions.  When mentioning this to the PeaceJam Northeast Executive Director, Barry Felson- he raised his eyebrows and said “REALLY?, because that is way up there!!”, to which I thought.. We might need to push our bikes up some hills in that territory…. but I responded with “Heck yes!”.


They have established composting, organic gardens, and the ability to reduce consumption while providing healthy food for school meals. These students have persevered.  I thought if a group of students could focus

their passions and be steadfast over four solid years, that we could certainly ride another hundred miles.

Am I intimidated? You bet ya!  Was Jody Williams ever intimidated when she stood up and fought against landmines? you bet ya!

PeaceJam is more than a program that offers a curriculum, PeaceJam offers an ongoing opportunity for CHANGE, GROWTH, LEADERSHIP, and learning how to advocate for what you believe in..

And so, Our route is finished.   Beginning in New London, CT where our CT sponsor Wayfarer Cycles is located: http://www.wayfarerbike.com/.

I have never been to Mount View High School, and will be honored to see the work that these incredible youth have done. Sure hope I see a moose!


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