We can never have peace when our climate is in crisis.



“cough, cough”.

When I sit in traffic on a work trip, my eyes become a burning mess.. and my lungs feel toxic.  I am only 35, imagine if I was 90… or worse yet, an infant with fragile and developing lungs.

We hear about climate changes, natural disasters, heating waters, melting ice caps, and disappearing species almost daily.   With an ever increasing global population comes a lack of natural environment.. and an increase in consumption and waste.

We all try to do our part. Some of us simply choose to throw our plastic bottle in the recycling bin rather than the garbage.. while others may opt to mow their lawns with electric mowers, ride their bikes to work,  use veg oil powered vehicles, and only eat organic.

One thing we all know for sure, is that the more cars we have on the roads- the more our atmosphere is becoming sick.  We have higher levels of Carbon in our air than ever.  Asthma rates are sky high, and our planet is suffering.   So how does violence feed off of our global/environmental crisis?

Think about poor crop production, sickness, polluted drinking sources from oil spills.. and on and on.  As humans, we depend on this planet to sustain us.  Which is why I have joined a partnership with http://www.350.org/ .    350.org has done an incredible job organizing volunteers across the globe to raise awareness about our fuel consumption and move towards cleaner forms of transportation.. (i.e cycling, car pooling, public transportation, and working from home when available).


PeaceJam Northeast will be joining local folks working on 350 initiatives in the various states along the way to host public talks on the courage it takes to stand for Global change towards education and awareness.



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