If we have hope, then we must believe.. and we must act…



On Saturday,  I had the joy of spending the day with Kate Cumbo from the PeaceJam headquarters in Colorado.  Kate is the Director of Education and training for PeaceJam, and brings an incredible amount of energy and passion into her work.  Some people are good at what they do, and others radiate what they do… Kate is that woman! Kate believes in PeaceJam, she has seen the change it has made in thousands of youth and communities world-wide, and her belief and passion is infectious.

Kate is the definition of Accountability.  She works tirelessly for the organization, and her incredible zest never seems to fade.

She has written much of the curriculum for the K-College programs.    As an “affiliate” for PeaceJam, (which means we are the affiliate for the Northeast section of PeaceJam), I am so thankful to have a woman with a backbone for justice and a soul for change at my side.

On Sunday, it was time for another century ride. This time, my husband joined me.  This was his first ever century on a road bike.   Sean lived in the great state of Colorado at 8,000 feet in elevation for close to ten years. He was an avid mountain cyclist, and had competed in century races out west, so clearly he was MORE than fine on a road bike for 100 miles.    Sean and I got off to a later start than we hoped (we hoped to depart no later than 6am).  Our furry children demanded some morning attention.. and needless to say, we simply struggled with Sunday morning motivation.   We departed by 8:45 and returned by 4:45.  The ride was a bit longer than anticipated, as my body struggled immensely with the mid day sun, and I required several “cool down” stops along the way.  One of the medications I take is called Plaquenil.  Plaquenil is used to treat Lupus, and has proven to be incredibly effective for me in reducing pain and inflammation.  The draw back is that it causes a decrease in tolerance to the sun.  Compound that with fever spikes and it wasn’t pretty.   So, lesson learned that early morning motivation is a must and next century ride will depart by day break.  When Kaori and I ride in September we will be departing each destination by 5:30-6:00 am every morning, so we can have most of our ride completed by noon.   This will allow us time to relax and get ready for evening discussions.  During community discussions, we will share about PeaceJam and what inspires us.  Once we learn about our inspiration, we can educate ourselves and then take action towards change.   We all have the power to make a change in the community and the world.


“Grandfather Desmond TuTu”, he asked me to call him that after his dinner of fish and chips 🙂


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  1. Colleen, thanks for the kind words…..it is YOU who are the inspiration and paragon of passion and dedication.

    I am so inspired by your energy and vision…and your crazy commitment to Cycle for Change. Thank you for your amazing work building PeaceJam in the Northeast.

    Kate 🙂

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