Digging a little deeper.


I love gardening as much as I love cycling. When you dig down into soil, you really find out what quality the earth holds for your seeds.  Once you understand the “deeper levels” of earth, you can determine what elements need to be added in order to obtain a good harvest.
Growing vegetables in theory seems simple.
1. You rake up the dirt
2. Stick a seed in the ground
3. Cover it up
4. Water it.
5. Weed around it
6. Then harvest the goodness…

That’s it!! Right??? Well, kind of… In actuality, one must truly understand how to prepare the earth, weed the ground, make sure the nutrients are in place, the soil temps are appropriate, the air temps are within range, the seeds are planted at the right depths, you are watering as needed (but not over-watering, or under-watering), you are fertilizing with healthy organic matter, managing pests, tending to the new plants as they grow, supporting them… and on and on….

When we talk about Peace and Non-violence with children and adults the same sort of dialogue needs to happen.

When asked what Peace is; the response is often- “No war”, When asked what violence is, the answer is often “Fighting and being hurt”.

When we dig a little deeper and ask “What does Peace feel like, look like, sound like?” we start to get answers like- “calm, laughter, equality, joy, productivity”.

Then we ask the same for violence… and so the questions go on…

1. What does violence look like in your community?
2. Where is it stemming from?
3. Why?

Only when we understand the true elements of what causes violence (environmental, socio-economic, political, religious, etc). Can we hold those elements in our hands.  Then we can begin to do the same for the solutions towards peace (environmental, socio-economic, domestic, etc)

As this bike tour is now a little over a month away, I am really taking the opportunity to solidify the outcomes needed for this tour.  Certainly raising awareness about the effectiveness of a program like PeaceJam is at the forefront.  It is also imperative that a powerful outcome will be community engagement in discussions around these issues.

Just as honey bees are necessary in the cycle of life, and pollinate our earths gardens and help  nourish our beings, we as a human community need to work together to identify, explore, and work on issues effecting the peace of our existence. Only when we truly understand, can we work to create lasting change.

And so, I ride on.


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  1. We are trying to find the moderator of the fb cryo page. I think her name is Colleen? Can you help me? Thank you!
    We have an exciting even we want to invite her to and to ask her a question but we’ve gotten no response on the cryo. page??!! Please have her contact me as soon as possible!

    TOMORROW our first EVER International Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Call!! (Sunday for our Australia member). It will be held at 7:00pm Mountain Time. ALL those affected-friends, family and those who suffer are welcome!

    A special time for Cryo patients to meet and get to know each other, find encouragement and ask questions. You will also get to hear about the MOVIE and how you might be able to participate. The director is planning to join us.

    Here is the link for Skype:


    We need you to send a “contact request” ASAP. If you are having trouble we are here to help. Call/email rochelle@secondchancewithsavinggrace.org. Make sure you’ve RSVP’d!!

    Dr. Diane Dike &
    Rochelle Ray
    Director of Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Education and Awareness
    Second Chance with Saving Grace

  2. Yes now that I’ve posted I see your name for sure Colleen! I’m so proud of your perseverance, hard work, and dedication–WOW! I can only imagine what you went through with these health issues to make this effort!! I look forward to speaking with you! Thank you for sharing your journey and for all you are doing to make a difference for the good!! xo Diane : D

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