Amherst Bound!


Good Morning!

We are about to head out for Amherst, MA!!! 90 miles of cycling!  The goal for today is to raise another $ 250.00 to provide support for yet ANOTHER PeaceJam program!!! Can you support our ride today so we can support another group of youth working for Peace?

When we arrive into Amherst, we will first stop into Laughing Dog Cycles (These guys are awesome!), and then onto the Quaker Meeting House in Northampton.

My husband is heading south as we head north, Sean will be biking back to CT so he can return to work.  This morning,  the chill and the wind seems to have settled.    Sister prepped some oatmeal for us, and Super Jennifer has us under her wing.

Since I am blogging, I will share my incredible enthusiasm for my newly purchased arm sleeves… they make exceptional snot sleeves as they are comprised of a soft fleece like material.  My other sleeves are a teck wick material and are rather rough…. after a day of non stop nose-pouring my little buddy is quite sore- another joy of riding in the chilly air 🙂  For all of you going “eeew”, come on- when you were kids, tell me you never used your sleeves for your snotty nose?…. now envision going down a 10% grade with the wind whipping your face as your nose drains down your leg… yes, gross… so as an adult.. I once again, embrace my sleeves.

And on that note… It is time to load up our back pockets with goo.. down our last bit of juice and boiled eggs, and ride….

Talk with you in Amherst…

With a joy-filled heart,

Your PeaceJam Ambassadorss-

Colleen, Jennifer, and Kaori


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  1. Hello Colleen! Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress! Can’t wait to hear from you when you reach Amherst! I hope you get a great meal and make lots of new friends…it is a great town. Sending good weather vibes!

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