Today we embarked on our journey.   We left Clinton, CT around seven am.  Our driver, Ms. Jennifer Huebner accompanied us as our support driver…  The ride was approximately 70 miles, however it took us about eight hours.  We had an incredibly strong head wind, and cool temps which challenged us along the roads.  It was wonderful to have Sean (my husband) join us on the first leg to help us navigate and help “break us in” for this journey.  I struggled quite a bit with the cold, and immediately bought warmer arm sleeves when we arrived in Portland 🙂

We spent the evening at Roots Cafe, which is an incredible cafe and artisan space in the downtown area. I was thankful to have the opportunity to have some wonderful conversations with people and we left the cafe feeling rather famished and ready to go to sleep.

As  I sit in my hotel room in Providence, my heart is full of joy, and humbled with the incredible energy of PeaceJam.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this ride.  Tomorrow we will be in Northampton speaking at the Quaker Meeting house.

I hope to share more tomorrow- for now, I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

We did get another $250.00 in donations today… A big thank you to a very incredible woman. Your donation will help fund an entire year of PeaceJam for a student group.

Much Sincerity,

Colleen Kelly Alexander


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