Pittsfield PeaceJam is amaaaaaaazing.


Hello from Pittsfield, MA.  We are ending Day three of our Cycle for Peace Tour.

Today was a literal day of ups and downs. It started with the realization that my Mac Book was swiped.  Unfortunately all of my work, and personal life was wrapped up in this expensive little package of metal and plastic- (well, most of my work and personal life).  After calling everywhere, I proceeded to gently “freak out”.

Upon realizing that this was out of my hands, I bought a salted caramel macchiato (sp?), and decided to drown my frustrations in the tasty concoction that seemed to slap a temporary bandaid on me.  Thank you Starbucks.. Sometimes consumerism isn’t THAT bad.

The early morning consisted of an intense chill and a rather consistent down pour, so rather than try to be a “hero”, we opted to be smart AND safe- we picked up our bikes from the awesome guys at Laughing Dog bike shop (THANK YOU for tuning our bikes!!!), and decided to drive a bit. We did not start on our bikes until close to one in the afternoon. The rain had tapered to a drizzling mist, and we found a bright yellow kids rain jacket at Walmart which fit nicely over my jacket :).  The climbs through the Berkshire mountains were nothing short of spectacular and without a doubt the most challenging cycling I have ever done. We triumphed over 20% grades and embraced steep declines.  Having my sister at my side, kept me consistent and motivated.

Our gathering tonight was at the Pittsfield High School.  We were able to meet a few of the PeaceJammers at the event, and their energy was palpable. Although fatigued, we were quickly reminded that every moment of this trip was for the specific reason of supporting PeaceJam youth…. You all are awesome. Thank you for your dedication towards non-violence. Thank you for your courage towards standing up for peace, your community, and our planet.  I am excited to move into the future knowing that you all will be our future.

We also had donations totaling $ 150.00 today, Thank you!

Tomorrow morning we head into Saratoga Springs, NY. September 21st is the International Day of Peace. As you read this, think about what peace means to you.  Think about what peace looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Now, think about how Peace can be obtained in your own life, your community, and the world. It isn’t totally impossible.. Peace happens one breath at a time… With each exhale we can rid the toxins and frustrations.. and embrace the new breath and moment.

What a gift we have.

And so, we ride on…..


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  1. Hello Colleen
    I wish I could have been with you on the ride through the Berkshires – it sounds amazing. Hope you had a nice hot shower waiting for you! Go Pittsfield PeaceJammers (say that 10 times fast)!

    With you in spirit!

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