Rain, Rain, on my face…


The song “Flood” by Jars of Clay has been going through my mind since around midnight when I woke up thinking about riding into Vermont.   The last several mornings rain has been present and intense.

Tonight we will be back in the Green Mountain State (I say BACK, because I called VT my home for almost half of my life).

The little Green mountain state was devastated with flooding these past couple of months.   Tonight, we will be giving 75% of any funds that are raised at the talk and movie to VT flood relief.

Vermont is an incredible state. If you think everyone is always out for themselves.. Come to Vermont, the little Green Mountain state will prove the theory wrong.  A beautiful connection exists between Vermonters, even within their own vast differences. Communities help eachother, Rescue squads are volunteer based.. and rarely in the state of VT are people without health care…. because their is an understanding that health care is a basic human right.   All of this being said, the ride into VT will feel a bit heavy.  Our advisor in the Brattleboro area told me her town is destroyed. Homes, businesses, parks… all gone.

And yet, they are persevering.  When we speak of perseverance, it does not define any specific situation or illness.. it defines the ability as a human being to move on..  To accept help, strength, prayers, and always always swim upstream.

Working for peace requires perseverance, which is why we are so proud and honored to have so many youth focusing on change.

This morning,  please hold up those in Vermont that have been so greatly impacted… and remember all of our actions cause reactions.  This morning, how will your actions and thoughts shape your day?

Much kindness, sincerity, and an abundance of chain grease still smeared on my legs,



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  1. As always, thank you for keeping us up to date on stuff : )

    and HAHAHAHA, Jars of Clay is currently playing in my head. wooHOO! : – D thanks for that! What a great song.

    Sorry to hear of the advisor in the the Brattleboro area having a destroyed home…..perseverance…wooHOO! Prayers continue for all!

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