Saratoga Springs PeaceJam brings Youth Special Olympics to the county.


Hello friends.

Happy International Peace Day.  Our morning started off with beautiful conversation with PeaceJam advisor, Lori Murphy at her home in the Pittsfield area and then onto our trek towards Saratoga Springs.

The morning fog was like “pea soup” as our amazing Jennifer Huebner (our support driver) stated.   In order to not get hit in the rain and heavy fog we opted to start our morning out in the car.  The fog lifted by ten am, and we eagerly got on our bikes and finished the journey out of the mountain range and into New York.

Tonight we were once again inspired by PeaceJam youth.  The Saratoga Springs PeaceJam group was started by a local youth named Justin Theriault who called the northeast headquarters in order to find out how he could get something started in his community. Once he learned that he only needed an adult that was willing to be trained as an advisor, he quickly recruited his mother.  After three years together, the Saratoga Springs PeaceJam group is alive and vibrant.  They shared how they wanted to focus their Global Call to Action on “The rights of woman and children and their role as leaders”.  Upon doing some research in their town, they discovered there was no support for children with disabilities to have social and physical interaction.  Since Justin has a brother that has Autism, the issue was near and dear to his heart.

He and his friends began researching places they could hold mentoring support for young children with disabilities. Over the last three years, they now have a local college involved, along with over forty area children that are getting supported.  They are recognized with the Special Olympics as a Saratoga Springs program for young children between the ages of 2 and 7.  In case you are wondering HOW they can acomodate so many children; The teenagers work one on one with the young athletes. They have been able to gather the needed support to keep this program alive and growing after three years.  In talking with the youth, they were not bragging about their accomplishments, rather full of humbled hearts and joy.  They love helping, and said they get as much out of this process as the children do.. HOW INSPIRING!!!

Thank you Saratoga PeaceJam youth, for your dedication towards eachother. You are all such beautiful ambassadors for peace.

and so, we ride on…..

For more information on the Global Call to Action, go to:



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  1. It has been very exciting to read your blog every day and hear about all the people involved with peace jam out there in different towns! Too bad about your computer…At Worthington Hooker we finished watching the Peacejam DVD and two or our seventh graders were chosen to read their essays at International Peace Day on the green! Keep up your great energy….

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