Merrimack PeaceJam!!!


Today we cycled from Brattleboro into Merrimack, through yet more mountains.. in yet MORE rain.

I have been so thankful to have a “team” with me. My sweet sister is such a great encourager and source of strength.   Jennifer, has been forever consistent with support.  When we crest big climbs in the rain, she sits in the car waiting incase we want food, drink, warmth, or a hug…

Most of the  time, we smile and yell “THANK YOU BUT WE WANT TO KEEP GOING!”- yet she continues to be present every twenty or so miles with a warm smile, ready to jump out of the car and support us with anything we need.  “Auntie” Jennifer, thank you.

Tonight we met up with the Merrimack PeaceJam group which is led by advisor Pam Foster.   We were greeted with a youth holding a flip video camera ready to interview us.  Since we got into Merrimack late, due to heavy rains- we walked into the meeting still wearing our bike shorts, jerseys, and cleats..  and of course I was adorned with chain grease.

The group here was full of wonderful ideas and has implemented many strategies to decrease the amount of waste that their school throws into the landfill. They even created a large tree from all the milk bottles collected from the cafeteria after one day and put it on display in the school hallway.   Tonight they discussed ways to combine the various school groups in order to be more effective and sustainable!! How cool would it be if adults combined our non-profit work in order to be more effective and sustainable!!!!

Tomorrow morning several PeaceJammers were going to join us on our ride out of NH, but due to the heavy rains we will be riding out without them 😦  Merrimack Peacejammers, you all are awesome- and I look forward to seeing you at the Slam and conference.

Thank you for all the work that you do within your community and abroad to make a difference.

Tonight, we are honored to stay at the home of Kate Chisolm. Kate has been a PeaceJam mentor, and was a PeaceJam student.   She is a young woman that radiates beauty and passion.  Kate is a recent college graduate interning with a local refugee support program.  I had the joy of meeting Kate this past spring when she served as a mentor at our youth conference.  It is such a testimony of a program when students that are participants in PeaceJam, return after high school to volunteer as college students/mentors at our youth conferences.  Since Kate just graduated, she will no longer be serving as a mentor and will be greatly missed. She has applied for a position with Peace Corps and is hoping to work in Central America, as she is fluent in Spanish and has a heart for the region.   Kate, you will forever be a PeaceJammer and you have made a beautiful footprint on the lives of many youth.. Thank you for your authenticity and dedication.

Time for this lady to get some sleep…. we are hoping for a break in the rain so we can get on the road early tomorrow morning.. however the rain chance is 70% and continues throughout tonight into Sunday..





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