When in Portland, check out Coffee by Design….


I began writing this blog on the end of our last day in ME (Sunday)- however as I was typing…. I fell asleep with the keyboard on my lap.. perhaps the week was rather tiring… 🙂 

Now, pretend you are reading this on the 25th, Sunday night…

Today we spent time with the owner of Portland based coffee company, Coffee By Design.

http://www.mainebiz.biz/news44795.html.  This company has soul. I was thankful to begin conversing with owner Mary Allen Lindemann.  She shared their incredible investment in coffee farmers, the environment, and a global conscious.  They also make a delicious cup of coffee…..  Coffee by Design has a strong focus on the rights of woman and coffee farmers. We love this as many of their core focuses also are inline with the PeaceJam Global Call to Action.

The PeaceJam Global Call to Action focuses on the following:


It is always exciting to find incredible companies that we can work with in order to make a stronger impact on our world.  Mary has wonderful connections with the area University and schools, and we look forward to sharing the gift of PeaceJam to the Portland area.  Mary, Thank you for your dedication to authenticity and a damn good product.

We head home bright and early tomorrow morning.  We are all very tired and I am very eager to get back into the arms of my husband.. and to the office. On November 12th, PeaceJam Northeast will have our 6th annual SLAM.   This year it will be at Worthington Hooker in North Haven, CT.  This is an exciting time for PeaceJam Northeast!

Thank you for following us on this bike tour! The fundraiser ends September 30th.  If you have been moved by this journey, and have thought of making a donation- PLEASE DO! You can donate at http://www.razoo.com/story/Cyclingforpeace.

If you would like to join us at the one day youth conference on the 12th, contact me at 888-407-7765.  It would be a joy to meet with you and help you get PeaceJam started at your school, youth center, church, or community organization!

With great hope in the youth of our future,



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