Morning Sunshine and ink lines


The beams of sun seem to smile as they flood through my bedroom window, casting a ray of light onto a letter sitting on my night stand.

My body turns from its settled position under my comforter and away from my husbands embrace.   It is a new day.  Time to wake.  The salty morning air hangs low.. the dew sparkles like jewels upon each blade of grass, flower petal, and tree leaf.  Birds sing welcoming our new day, for it is the first of June.

I am reminded of the Thich Nhat Hanh quote,  “Every morning we have 24 new hours to live”.   I kiss my husbands forehead and exhale a groan of pain as I lean towards the letter.  My Great Aunt Greta is my grandfathers’ (we called him Pappy) sister.   My mothers side of the family was blessed with eyes as blue as the sea.. and smiles as wide as the waves.

Aunt Greta and I are pen pals.  We exchange weekly hand written letters to one another from Pennsylvania to Connecticut.   It is a blessing to have someone that I can  pick up a pen and use ink to convey my words.

Stumbling into the kitchen while trying not to trip on my cane, I instinctively begin making my coffee, blindly grabbing at a Mug.. the perfect one slips into my grasp.

The letter.  Last night, my pain was too severe. After walking to the mailbox and retrieving her sweet letter, I came back inside and just needed to take my evening pain medication and fall asleep…  As I sit at the table studying the ink lines on her letter, Im reminded of how she was our favorite “Great Aunt”, she looks so much like our Pappy. To this day, even though she is far away, when I read her letters and study how her beautiful older hands enunciate certain words, I am reminded of her sweet hugs and laughter.. and I think of my grandfather.  A single tear drips down my face as I begin writing her letter..  It is such a gift to still have her in our lives.

The sun beams are casting stronger now, the table in the kitchen is warming up.. and my coffee is cooling.. The pain within my body from stiffness is easing a bit, and I wish I could hand deliver this letter with a hug.

What a gift we have in the Morning sunshine.  What a gift we have in the ability to be pen pals with those we love.

The pen is a mighty instrument.. it crosses through the miles and delivers a bit of authenticity that no email can ever present.


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  1. Colleen,
    You have a true gift of writing! Not to mention your strength, courage, perserverance, etc. I am glad I read this today. I am going to take the time to write (a real letter – with pen and paper) an older relative of mine this weekend. She doesn’t text, tweet, email or facebook!! Thanks for the reminder we need to pick up a pen and paper once in awhile!! =) I pray you have a great day!

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