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“Oh hills, you silly.. silly things…”


So, we made it… After almost 90 miles of  intense hills cycling up from sea level in Providence into Amherst, our legs said “Hey ladies, time for a break”.

You know how a dog kicks like it is running in the midst of sleep?  Something tells me I might be “pedaling” in my sleep after this ride 🙂  We are a total of 165 miles in… with five more days to go.

The day was absolutely gorgeous. Blue skies, cool temps, and great conversations with new friends.  Along the journey, we have been asking new friends (sounds better than strangers) about what it is that inspires them… we have gotten some inspiring answers consisting of:

1. Man- kind inspires me

2. Children inspire me, because they love to learn and have no fear

3. A fighting spirit inspires me….

We met one man that waived us over and asked why we were cycling and how far we were traveling, after we shared about PeaceJam and our passion for this ride- he shared that his son in law cycled from Killington, VT to Provincetown to raise money for a local heart association in honor of his deceased wife who died at the age of 31 from a heart defect/disease (she was  only supposed to live until she was 6 years old)… as this man continued sharing, he told us that the woman who passed was his daughter and  how incredibly proud he was that he biked for her…

What an inspiration.

Tomorrow rain is anticipated.. as are the Berkshire mountains, so we will ride as long as we can while the roads are safe.

We are very excited to arrive in Pittsfield and see Lori (The Pittsfield PeaceJam advisor), and the amazing PeaceJammers!!!!

Tomorrow night we will be joining them and the community for a fantastic night of celebration.

If you visit Amherst, check out Laughing Dog Bike Shop.. these guys are the real deal.  A great big “THANK YOU” for taking our bikes tonight and giving them a tune up..

If you are reading this tonight, consider making a donation… we are riding for youth.. we are riding for change.. we are riding because we have been inspired by the positive changes this generation of youth are bringing to our world!!!

And so.. we ride on…