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Pannier Training


Pannier Training! Kinda sounds funny, doesn’t it?

I remember when I first rode my bike. It had a white basket with plastic flowers, a banana seat, a bell, and most importantly TRAINING WHEELS!.

I loved riding my bike. My barbies and dolls had their own personal limo.   I was fortunate to have a father that loved cycling.  Dad owned a bike shop out in Arizona called Evergreen Bike and Lawn. When I was little, I would go into the bike shop after school and “help”.  Sometimes my help was a total nuisance, but dad always accepted my “help” with a smile and a hug.

Our garage was full of bikes.  We had ten speeds, dirt bikes, and beach cruisers.  I remember the day that dad told me it was time for me to learn to ride sans training wheels,  Very Cool. Dad actually began adjusting the training wheels so they were there if I began tipping, but encouraged me to just balance and use my core.  I was so excited.  I liken the feeling of graduating out of training wheels to getting your license after driving with your permit.

So, off went the training wheels.  I was an immediate professional at falling right off the bat.  I received a lot of incredible genes from my loving parents and coordination was not one of them.  Remember that wobbly feeling when you learn to balance?  Well, now at 35.. I am discovering a new bike training… I call it “Pannier Training”.

Although I have cycled since I was about three, suddenly it is as if I am learning to ride again for the first time.


Some saddle bags look good!

So, for the next two and a half months I will be cycling into work.  The commute is about 13 miles one way, and I will be stuffing the panniers full.    I am very thankful for my CT sponsor Wayfarer bikes for providing me with these beauties.

And so, I ride on….


Peace is not for the weak.


Today, I start a journey of awareness… Not only do I desire to raise awareness about PeaceJam Northeast, but also to raise awareness about the power of human strength and perseverance.

In 117 days I will be joined by my sister-in law to take a 500 mile journey throughout New England and New York.

Over the next three months I will be training and preparing my body both mentally and physically for this journey. The goal is to raise $ 10,000.00 for PeaceJam Northeast. The funds will help hundreds of youth participate in the program and meet a Nobel Peace Laureate.

I hope you can join me!

With joy,